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KyGunCo Gunsmith - Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm EST

The Kentucky Gun Co. is a rapidly growing company that specializes in the firearm, hunting, and shooting sports industry. Our internet and retail departments are constantly growing and looking for new ways to provide goods and services to our customer! We are excited to add Gunsmithing services, including Cerakote and Hydro-dipping, along with a full range of gun work! See below for a list of services offered and pricing.

Please send all gunsmith questions to info@kygunco.com or call 1-502-348-3594.

Services Available:

Service Charges

Per Man Hour  $60
Per Man & Machine Hour  $85
Minimum Charge Per Gun  $35
Cleaning & Oil Customer Gun
Consisting of completely stripping gun,
Cleaning all parts, function testing  $45-$75
Engine Turning  Hourly Rate

Sight Work

Sight In Gun (does not include ammo)  $60
Bore Sight  $12
Drill and Tap  $25 Per Hole
Cut Dovetail in Barrel  $70
Install front/mid bead for shotgun (plus cost of bead)  $30
Scope Mounting & Boresight (does not include rings/bases)  $20
Scope Mounting & Boresight (does not include rings/bases) AT TIME OF PURCHASE  $10

Barrel, Action & Rifle Work

Check Headspace  $50
Make Chamber Cast  $75
Remove Stuck Fired Shell Case  Hourly Rate
Remove Obstruction from Bore  Hourly Rate
Remove Live Round from Chamber  $75
Remove Barrel Fouling  Hourly Rate
Cut & Crown Barrel  $85
Chamber & Fit Barrel to Action  $225
Install Pre Threaded and Chambered barrel into action  $100
Make & Install Spring  Hourly Rate
Trigger Installation (Timney, shilen, rifle-basix)  $60
Install Muzzlebrake (muzzlebrake not included)  $140

Shotgun Work

Lengthening Forcing Cones  $60
Resolder Rib (does not include bluing)  Hourly Rate
Raising Dent in Barrel  75-125
Straightening /Adjust Barrel  $70
Polish Chamber/Bore  $45
Back Boring  Hourly Rate
Install Screw in Choke (rem Chokes)  $115
Port Barrel  $90

Muzzleloader Work

Remove Stuck Ball  Hourly Rate
Remove Stuck Nipple/Breach Plug  Hourly Rate

Handgun Work

Chamfer Revolver Barrel  $35
Chamfer Revolver Cylinder  $45
Revolver Action Job (clean, smooth action, does not include parts)  $100
Remove Hammer Spur  $45
Tighten Slide of 1911  $80
Fit Barrel to 1911 (Barrel not included)  $130
Fit/Install Barrel bushing of 1911 (Does not Include Bushing)  $75
Install Mag Well of 1911  $45
Open Ejection Port (does not include refinishing)  $65
Throat/polish barrel & feed ramp of 1911  $70
Fit New trigger to 1911 (does not include cost of trigger)  $45
Cut Slide of 1911 for Front sights  $65
Cut Slide of 1911 for Rear sights  $125
Install Fiber Optic Front Sight (does not include sight)  $25
Install new Rear sight (no machine work Required  $20
Install Night Sights  $25
De-horn for concealed carry (does not include refinishing)  $70
Basic Trigger Job including spring kit  $45

Stock Work

Wood Refinishing (recommended for hunting guns)
Rifle & Shotgun  $105
Fixing Crack in Stock  $40
Re Checkering  175-225
Professional Wood Restoration & Refinishing (Collector Grade Guns)  Quote
(Will return it back to Factory Original Condition)
Glass Bedding of Hunting Rifles  $100
Glass Bedding of Match Rifles  150-200
Install Recoil Pad (Labor Only)  $45
Install Adj Butt Plate (Labor Only)  $75
Install Sling Swivels (Labor Only)  $25
Install Recoil Reducer (Labor Only)
                       Synthetic Stock/Simple Installation  $40
                       Hydraulic/Gracoil  $105
                       Wood Stock/Drill  $75
Install Adj Comb (Labor Only)  $200

Refinishing/Cerakote/Camo Dipping/Blueing (assembly/disassembly extra)

Complete AR or AK  $200
2 Color  $230
3 Color  $280
4 Color  $320
5 Color  $370
Hunting Rifle (one color) (add $50 per color)  $200
Shotgun (one color) (add $50 per color)  $200
Rings and Bases  $40
1911  $165
Handgun (add $50 per color)  $165
50 BMG or Similar Size Rifle (one color) (add $50 per color)  $340
338 Lapua or Similar Size Rifle (one color) (add $50 per color)  $270

Prices below are for fully disassembled & one Color

Pistol Frame  $90
Pistol Slide  $80
Pistol Frame & Slide  $135
Pistol Frame, Slide, Parts  $170
Magazine (must be one of the Gun Colors)  $15
AR Upper  $50
AR Lower  $50
Barrel & Gas Block  $50
Handguard  $50
Rifle Stock  $150
Rifle Barrel  $50
Barrel and Action  $145
Suppressors  $50
REBLUING (Hot Blue, Professional Finish)
 (Does not Include Disassembly or RE-Assemble)

Cerakote Warranty
We stand behind our work and offer a 1 year warranty on all workmanship of our Cerakote and Hydro Dipping processes from the original date of purchase.
Warranty does not cover exceeding stated temperature limits, chemical damage or physical damage to the coatings. We do not warranty against holster wear, normal wear and tear, and lack of maintenance.
Warranty does not include costs of freight, shipping charges, costs incurred down time, removal of any replacement costs.