M+M Inc. M10-762 Semi-Auto AK-type rifle
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M+M Inc. M10-762 Semi-Auto AK-type rifle

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Imported by M+M Inc. directly from Romania, our M10 AK-type rifles are entirely manufactured of all NEW parts. You'll find not many of our competitors can make the same claims and at such a great price! We guarantee our rifles exceed ATF's minimum 922R, six U.S. made parts compliancy requirements with the following, brand NEW, U.S. made parts installed: Tapco RAZR muzzle brake ; polymer Tapco buttstock; ergonomic Hogue Industries pistol grip; Tapco single hook G2 trigger group (3 parts); 30 round, double stack Promag, black polymer magazine; and Tapco AK retaining plate for ease of install and take down. ( ATTENTION CALIFORNIA CUSTOMERS: WE WILL SHIP THE M10 7.62 to CALIFORNIA WITH THE PURCHASE AND INSTALLATION OF A BULLET BUTTON(27.00). THE BULLET BUTTONS ARE LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE UNDER RELATED ITEMS AND ACCESSORIES, JUST ADD TO YOUR CART(27.00) AND WE WILL INSTALL FOR FREE. WE CAN SHIP THE MAGAZINE TO YOUR FFL IF THEY HAVE A HIGH CAP MAG PERMIT, OR WE WILL SHIP IT TO ANY STATE IN THE CONTINENTAL U.S. WHERE IT IS LEGAL TO POSSESS FOR AN 11.00 DOLLAR FLAT RATE SHIPPING FEE) The barrels of our rifles are cold hammer forged and chrome-lined for long lasting durability and increased accuracy and have a 1:10 twist rate with four lands and grooves; windage adjustable RPK-style rear sights graduated to 1000 meters in 100 meter increments, adjustable iron front sight, fully CNC machined steel scope mounting rails, heat-treated, stamped receiver to military specifications, light-weight aluminum quad rails with removable rubber quad rail covers and a removable trigger plate.

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JP from Chicago, IL
Love my AK
I just recently purchased this AK from Kentucky Gun Company and couldn’t be happier. My AK arrived really quick and didn’t have any issues. I went and shot my AK last sat and after comparing my AK to my other buddies AK we both agreed that my AK was a great buy. I love the Tactical rail and Hogue pistol grip. Two things I will be purchasing next is a red dot sight and collapsible T6 Stock for it. Other than that the AK already comes with great little extra features. I did read that a lot of people had troubles with the pro mag magazine that comes with the gun but I must have got lucky because I shot 90 round through it without any problems. I did buy 3 extra tapco magazines for the gun and they worked great as well. I shot just a little under 340 rounds my first day out and no problems what so ever. I would definitely recommend this AK to anyone looking for an AK that wants an AK that doesn’t have the traditional wood stock look. Overall I can’t be happier with my new purchase.
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Kyle from Sebring, FL
Kyle from FL
I recently purchased this gun and have had zero problems with it. Added a collapsible stock and forearm grip making it a mean looking AK. The ProMag and Tapco magazines need to be filed down to fit smoothly. Overall, a great buy for the price!
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Jeremy from yukon, oklahoma
Great gun for the money
I loved shooting this gun so much that I had to buy 2. This is the best AK out there for the money. Yes, there are some cosmetic imperfections like with most Euro variants, but both of mine function flawlessly. I do admit, Im not a fan of the tapco mags that come with it, so I replaced them with some polish steel mags which look, and fit 100% better. Ive shot over 200 rounds through each and never had one failure to feed, fire or eject. 90% of people who like AKs will enjoy this one. The remaining 10% of AK snobs who spend all day blogging up their overprice pieces will down it without ever shooting it themselves.
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Tim from Paoli, IN
Expectations Exceeded
Well Ive been on the fence about buying an AK for about a year and have looked at everything out there from the wasrs to the arsenals, I looked at the the M10 last because I had to drive about an hour and half to the nearest dealer that stocks themKY Gun COThe other Aks I was considering were, Interordance, Arsenal, and Century Arms PAP rifle if your reading this review chances are that you are too! anyway after seeing the M10 in person I purchased two of them, heres a few observasions: fit and finish is fantastic for an AK only slighty under an arsenal, the machining of the mag well and internals on mine are top notch and obviously done on a jig with CNC, the rivets and all metal pieces are smooth and well finished, the trigger is crisp and smooth, front sight post is straight on both rifles, quad rails are of good quality and are installed straight, muzzle break looks better in person, the bolt and carrier are worlds nicer thans a typical wasr, love the houge grip! tapco butt stock is just a little short for me63 but will work fine, the sights are also a huge step up from ones Ive seen, and both rifles came with Tapco Mags, Ive read that the new 2nd generation M10s are better finished than last years and it looks like they ditched the promags as well. the tapco mags fit very snug with NO wobble, with a bore light the barrels look great also very bright and clean appearing rifling, KY Gun co had several 50+ to choose from so I took some time and picked out ones that had no blemishes, although most looked great with only minor scratches, overall a great quality AK47 for any amount of money and cant wait to shoot them!! grab one while you still can!
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Tim from Paoli, IN
Finally took both rifles out yesterday and sighted them in, at 30 yards both shot at 1:00, one click to the left and a full turn out on the front sight post had them shooting the bullseye, so I backed it out to 100 yards and loaded 4 rounds of Tula cheap stuff from the local walmartsitting at the bench with the forearm resting on a board, the first two shots were bulls with the next two within 2.5 inches with the whole group less than three inches.a very nice surprise!I then shot the other one with about the same results! I had initially planned on leaving both rifles with iron sights only, but now plan on scoping one to see just how tight and far they will shoot! the only thing ive found that dont like about the m10scommon on any AK using the G2 trigger is that the tapco trigger hammer puts too much pressure on the bolt carrier while cycling the bolt, this causes the carrier to hang up when cycling it by hand , ive never had a ftf or fte, but after some research on the web I filed and polished the hammer a bit and now they are very smooth with no hangups.
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carl from Bloomington, in
Well worth it
I purchased one of these rifles last year form KY Gun company and if you are looking for an AK that has the bells and whistles this is it. Front handguard rails, flash suppressor and side rail mount. Mine shoots quite well and am able to hit steel targets at 200 yards with just a simple red-dot mounted out front on the hand guard. Never a single jam, it simply works.
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Jay from Greenville, SC
Sweet gun
I recently bought this gun from KY Gun Co and I couldnt be more satisfied with the product and the customer service I received. The rifle is awesome, packed with features that you would normally find on custom rifles. The fit and finish is better than what I expected. The gun was covered with cosmoline when I got it, but thats just the deal with imported guns and it was easy to clean off. The gun came with a smooth sided Tapco mag that needs to be filed down to insert properly or you can do what I do and insert it into the rifle a few times, the magwell shaves off the unneeded material. This is a wonderful rifle and Im sure Ill be doing business with Kentucky Gun Company in the future.
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Devin from NA, Virginia
Excellent AK
Great deal for this AK, had not heard of M&M before, but the rifle looks great. The finish is very good for an AK. The gun shoots good and the trigger is above average. The supplied Tapco smooth side mag fits like a glove no wobble. I also purchased a couple US PALM AK mags that fit like a glove as well. Highly recommend this rifle.
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Lloyd from Pueblo, CO - Colorado
Great experience
Just received this AK and am very pleased. As some have noted elsewhere with these, in my case the sight is slightly canted, but does not interfere with operation. Finish is very good, and overall the rifle is good quality. It has the most comfortable hand grip that I have used. For the money I feel as though I got more than I could have expected in a modern variation on the AK design. Delivery was quick. Ill be doing business with these folks again.
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Taylor from Dallas, Texas
Excellent gun / service
Ordered gun on Monday, had in hands early Friday. What awesome service by kygunco. Amazing job with shipping fast and tracked it along the way. The gun is awesome and at a great price. Thank you Kentucky gun co for a reasonable price on an excellent weapon. The gun is fantastic just needs to get broken in now. A+ all around!
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Roland from Greenfield, Indiana
M10 762
I love this gun. Came in about a week. That was using a money order. Kentucky Gun Co. your the best!! Wear ear protection. This thing is loud!!
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Jeff from Ellensburg, wa
Just bought, got it and shot it 7/14/13
Ive wanted an AK variant for awhile now. Found this one here at Kentucky gun co. I researched it first and most said great gun for the price. I must say I was impressed when I first shot it with some Russian surplus ammo. Gun is put together well. Mine looked great right out of the box. Had a blast shooting it for the first time and was impressed by the accuracy I got! I left my sight tool at home, but didnt need it. Hit the bulls with consistency. For the price here at Kentucky gun co,found it at other places but at higher price great gun for the price, would totally recommend if your in the market for an AK variant. VERY SATISFIED!!! Glad I found the gun I wanted here at Kentucky gun co and saved myself some money at the same time. Thanks guys for a great product.
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David from Felton, DE
M+M-10 AK 47
All I can say is Wow! From the packaging of the gun to it’s finish I was totally impressed. For the amount of money this gun is incredible. The action is very nice and smooth. You will not find a better trigger on a stock tactical rifle anywhere. I have not fired it yet, but if this is any indication of its performance Im sure it will surpass my expectations. This was my first purchase with Kentucky Guns. The gun arrived one week earlier than expected. I definitely plan on buying my next gun from K.Guns. Great Service!!!
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RD from Monongahela, PA
One of the best AKS on the market today!this is my first purchase from KY GUN CO.and I must say it was one of the best transactions yet.This gun is built like a tank and looks and feels great.I fired appx.350 rnds. using the tapco 30 rnd.mag,75 rnd.drum and 2 steel 30 rounders without one malfunction.Extremely accurate for an AK with open sights.You will not find a better deal than this one.Thanks KY.GUN CO.
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Casey from Houston, Texas
This is my 2nd the first was bought close to 2 years ago it was from the 1st batch made...let me say the one I just bought has better finish& fit ...the rail is better the screws arent cross threaded like most of the 1st runs ..the brake is shorter and M&M stamped unlike the 1st runs..this gun sells local here in south Tx for 750$-1000$$..get one or two while you can...KYGUNCO is one of the best if not the best gun store online
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Robert from Louisburg, NC
Low Budget equals lower quality
This m10 is a fairly nice rifle overall but has its shortcomings. After shooting quite a few rounds I found it to be pretty accurate and operates well. The iron sights are not easy on my aging eyes as the rear sight is very narrow making it harder to pick up the front sight. I opted for a side mount to add a Vortex strikefire that I had and found the existing side mount to be canted down in the front by 1/8 of and inch. This makes proper alignment not possible. The side mount was machined a bit wide as well so that my current AK side mounts do not fit. Overall a nice shooter but a clear budget choice so be aware that you get an inferior rifle as compared to a Saiga or Arsenal...
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Brian from Vienna, WV
New Favorite
Great gun, best purchase Ive made in a long time. Expect to clean the internals but anyone that owns an AK47 knows you should when you get it home, but like any AK47 will shoot out of the box. Great value, great gun, easy to use and super easy to clean, exceptionally compared to AR platform. If you love tactical firearms you must have his gun. Great on a budget and I now know why so many countries use this compared to AR. Sorry America manufacturers. Kentucky Gun Co. was a great experience, no complaints super fast process and delivery. They carry a great selection and difficult to find a better deal. I will recommend to friends/family and will order from them in the future.
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Ryan from Belleville, IL
Great service, fun product
I ordered my M+M ak-47 on the 12th and received it on the 16th... THATS fast. Love the gun, could have thrown in the allen key for the hand guard,but no biggie. BEST price yet for this rifle, and over the phone customer service was GREAT. Will be doing business again .
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Cal from Jesup, Georgia
What a gun!!!!!!
This gun rocks!! Why pay a $1000 or more when this gun is better than most guns three times its price. I love this gun it is one of the best ak variants there is. Reliable and well made is just the start I cant find anything I dont like about it and so many things I love. I own a large number of guns both assault and hunting rifles/carbines this is my favorite.
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Eddie from Biloxi, MS
Great AK
Received my AK Thursday took it to the Range Sunday. 6 rounds later it was zeroed to 50 yards old eyes and open sights. Gun look great, however the finish could be a some better. Excluding the finish, Overall quality is very good and great for the price. Everyone at the range was very impressed with the little gun, and these guys dont get excited about much. If you are looking for an AK, buy it, you wont go wrong.
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Ryan from Belleville, IL
Great gun, great price, great customer service
Love this rifle!! This is my second time owning it, first time through KY gun co, and it was a great experience. This AK variant is a great deal with the accessories provided on it, and all of the new parts on it, I believe you simply cant go wrong if this is the set up you are going for anyway. It functions flawlessly with the Tapco magazine provided, and has no problems with surplus mags as well. The quad rail is stout and will hold zero, no problem, and supports picitany attachments securely. The hogue grip is excellent, and really helps to give the ol AK a modern feel to it, combined with the other attachments. The only down fall so far is the quad rail heating up rather quickly under casual shooting. However, the rail guards provided help to keep things tame while your at the range. The parkerized finish scratches pretty easily, but this type of finish is well know for that. There was no provided allen key for quad rail disassembly as needed. Pros: - Modern attachments - Great price - All new parts - hammer forged, chrome lined barrel Cons: - Quad rail heats up rather quickly - Parkerized finish scratches easily - No allen key provided for quad rail dis-assembly. All in all a great product, 4 stars on the product, 5 stars on the product performance and customer service.
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Susan from Waynesville, North Carolina
What a gun
First, Kentucky Gun was great, the transaction was far easier than I thought it would be, the whole process was way faster than I expected and the gun arrived at my FFL very quickly. Now the M&M, WOW ! They did an excellent job on this thing, the build parts are great, the gun was flawless and clean as a whistle inside and out, I dont know how they do these for the price, this is the nicest piece to my AK collection, absolutely LOVE IT !
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Jared from Boaz, AL
M+M M10
Best Ak47 variant for the money, period. KYgunco. was great to deal with, highly recommended!
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anthony rosales from sacramento, california
ak47 m10
This ak is a great firearm to have in the safe. Would pick up over any of my ar15s if s hit the fan just because I know its going to work! Shoots straight rite out the box put a reflex sight and it holds zero!kygunco have been great to deal with and will continue business.
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Corey from Northern Virginia, Virginia
what a great gun
Great gun. I have had the gun for three months now and have aw hundred rounds through it. Fit and finish are good for a modern ak under $1000 not to mention it retails for $600. Fires great with no failure to feed or fire. Have purchased 4 after market mags and they all work flawlessly. Magazine that came with the gun needed to be filed down to work but it was a mag issue not gun issue. Great trigger feel. Buy this gun you will not be disappointed.
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Matthew from Billings, MONTANA
First and second AK - Excellent quality
I bought these as I was lacking a semi-auto rifle. I believe these were a fair price for a high quality AK Trigger, finish, sights, rails. I did the deal with the 75 rd drum, and I that thing functions great.
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pj from Woodbridge, VA
The Ultimate Bad Guy Gun!!
Gunny Ermey was right on target except that he favors his M-16 AR and should have shot against this AK!! Highly accurate, great furniture, and absolutely no shake, rattle, and roll...this baby-san is TIGHT for an AK!! Not one hiccup with TULA or WOLF ammo, FMJ and polycoated. The TAPCO mag that came with it fit fine after a few in and outs to wear the sides a bit and its still good and tight...feeds flawlessly! If you want a good all around AK, this is the one to get!!
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Stephen from Orlando, FL
Great AK
This is my favorite of my AKs, and Im partial to the original look. Well made rifle at a great price. I bought it Friday and it arrived the following Thursday. I am a very satisfied customer and would definitely buy from Ky Gun Co again. Thank you!
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Mike from Olympia, Washington
M10 762 AK
Fit and finish is what you would expect from a parkerized finish. Functioned flawlessly. Fairly accurate for an AK. Front sight was NOT canted at all. 6 days to ship inside what is advertized. Good customer service prompt communication. Very happy overall!
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Steven from SLC, Utah
Would Never Buy M+M Product Again
Glad everyone else loves this gun - because mine sucks! Advertized as all new parts, American made. The manufacturing is sub-standard, 3rd world quality. The front-site/gas block/ gas tube cover/ top rail are canted to the left so badly that I cant use the sites or even a red-dot. I would have to move the front site post 1/2 to the right to sight it in - which of course is impossible. The edges of the mag well of this recycled Romanian wasr are hogged out from a lo-cap receiver and were rusted. The mag well was still full of metal savings. Its been sitting in the box since I tried it out - not sure what to do with this piece of junk. Out of the 5 AKs I own, this hands down the WORST quality. On top of that it took 3+ weeks for KY Gun to get it to me because of an FFL problem they never bothered to contact me about. I do not recommend this gun!
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Justin from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
M10 - ROCKS!!! So Does Kentucky Guns!!!
I only have great things to say!!! Kentucky Gun Co. shipped my M10 about a year ago... Easy transaction, and the Gun was flawless... The M10-762 is a great mid range AK, its not a cheap WASR and its not a fancy arsenal. It has moderate great upgrades and looks great for me! The gun shoots flawless...Tula Ammo has been its diet the last 300 rounds and so far not one jam! The Gun Rocks!!!!!!! If I could afford another, I would buy one again.
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Tony from Lancaster, SC
WASR done right!!!
I received this rifle in the summer of 2014 and have about 500-600 rounds through it. ZERO failures to feed, extract or eject with multiple makes of magazines and ammo. M+M does an excellent job on the magwell cutout. Magazines lock up nice and snug with very little wobble. The muzzle device that came on it sucks IMO. It would make a blinding dust storm while firing from the prone, so +$50 for another one, problem solved. Mine came with the quadrail on it which I also do not like, I personally prefer AKM handguards and a set from K-var fit on nicely with minimal fitting. The stock is Warsaw length. It currently weighs in at 6.5LBS! Very light for an AK. The Hougue grip is excellent. Overall fit is very nice, but the finish is only passable. Its as equally as accurate as my N-Pap, only much, much lighter.
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