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The layout of the Remington R51 is similar to the Walther PPK pistol in the use of a stationary barrel and recoil spring surrounding the barrel.

However, the notable feature is the use of a locking breech block within the slide utilizing a delayed blowback or "hesitation-locked" action originally developed by John Pedersen.[4] When the pistol is in battery, the breech block rests slightly forward of the locking shoulder in the frame. When the cartridge is fired, the bolt and slide move together a short distance rearward powered by the energy of the cartridge as in a standard blowback system. When the breech block contacts the locking shoulder, it stops, locking the breech. The slide continues rearward with the momentum it acquired in the initial phase. This allows chamber pressure to drop to safe levels while the breech is locked and the cartridge slightly extracted. Once the bullet leaves the barrel and pressure drops, the rearward motion of the slide lifts the breech block from its locking recess through a cam arrangement, continuing the operating cycle. One can insert a dowel into the barrel and push on the breech block. It will only move a fraction of an inch and stop against the lugs. Only manually retracting the slide or firing a cartridge opens the gun.

Because the action combines a locked breech and blowback operation, the R51 can handle more powerful cartridges and greater pressures than a straight blowback firearm, yet offers a small profile without the size and weight penalty of other locking systems.[4] Another advantage is that a lighter recoil spring can be used, making the slide much easier to manipulate.[4] The design allows the recoil spring to be placed around the barrel, reducing the pistol's overall profile.[4] Lighter operating parts and longer lock time provide less felt and actual recoil.[4] The R51's extremely low bore axis gives less muzzle rise which also lowers perceived recoil, while the fixed barrel improves accuracy and simplifies construction.[4] Overall, this system is lighter than a blowback, simpler than any recoil or gas-operated locked breech mechanism, and has less recoil than either of the other systems.

The Remington R51 uses an internal hammer with a built-in drop safety, and features a single-action trigger.[5] There is a slide stop on the left side of the frame. The primary safety is a grip safety incorporated into the rear of the grip, which must be depressed by the user's grip hand before the pistol will fire.[5] The trigger guard is undercut to allow a higher grip on the frame, reducing muzzle flip and perceived recoil.[4] The grip frame has a 20-degree grip angle designed for natural point shooting, and is made from aluminum alloy with checkering on the front strap.[4] The gun comes standard with thin aluminum grip panels are held on with conventional screws, and the company plans to offer optional rubber and rosewood grip panels for users desiring a wider, more hand-filling grip.[4] The magazine release is ambidextrous and the magazine is a conventional, single-column design with a polymer floorplate and a maximum capacity of seven (7) 9mm cartridges.[4] The slide of the R51 is constructed of forged carbon steel with a matte finish, while the frame is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy.[5] The barrel is constructed from 416 stainless steel

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Jason from Glendale, KY
R51 9mm
Action is suprisingly hard to manipulate properly. Disassembly is a pain to execute correctly. Accuracy very good. I really like the trigger although a bit heavy. Recoil is not an issue. Grip safety, I can see this being an issue since the action is so hard to manipulate to pick a round up out of the magazine. The rear sight being set up for belt racking was a waste of time because it was impossible for me to accomplish, unstressed. The grip safety must be disengaged to even try this. I like the styling and pointability quite a bit. I am a bit skeptical as to the real practicality of this gun though.
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joe from defiance, ohio
new remmy
I just dont get it. Remmy says easiest 9mm slide racking,NO. Fixed barrel-NO. A bersa .380 or a PPK has a fixed barrel this does not. Why the lies. The first time i took it apart was a nightmare,after that it was much easier.The slide was very hard to rack at first but after a couple hundred rounds it is getting somewhat easier. I noticed white stuff inside the slide, must be grease so i got some white lithium grease to keep her lubed up. One thing i will watch closely is the locking block contact with the aluminum frame. The block is steel and it hits and rides up over the softer aluminum with each shot. That does not seem to me to be a recipe for a long life. The grip safety is not a problem and the trigger is fairly crisp and i like the look. I will keep shooting it and see how it breaks in, the slide is getting easier to rack but there is no way that is is very easy like Remmy says it is. All the hoopla and misinformation about this one on the web has me puzzled .
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chuck from Boise, Idaho
The style and cosmetics of this pistol are terrific. Only Im hearing that the R-51 has several drawbacks of this pistol..Im hearing that their having trouble with the slide staying locked opened, the slide being very rough when operated my hand, magazines falling out of the pistol-grip and the feed-ramp is causing some problems in jamming. Id like someone to comment on some of these problems that I have heard from dealers in our area.
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Phillip from Scottsville, Ky
so so
I purchased my R51 4/26/14 shoot 150 rounds thru it. it battery half the time of after putting in mag. all I had to do was bump the back of the slide forward just a little than it would fire. It seems to have a lot of sharp edges and wasnt buffed as well as it should have been. This gun isnt up Remington standard. my action spring Bushing has lots of scrapes on it. When pulling the slide back it fills like the Breech Block hanging as it drops down a little. Beside the roughness of the slide and the battery, I shot at a range 10 and 20 yards and keep the grouping with in 4 in circle. In all if I had any idea of want this gun was really like I wouldnt have purchased it. Remington needs to go back the old drawing board to fix the guns that out there before sells more problems.
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Johnny from Spring , Texas
cant believe remmy built this piece of crap. if its not hanging up its not feeding.then the slide will not close I have to give it a push then it stops 1\16 of an inch short hit it again and hope it fed a round.then to top it all off the damn trigger is PAINTED dont worry it ll all come off and ill have a nice rusty trigger wouldnt recommend thisto the taliban
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