Ruger SR1911 Commander Pistol 45 ACP 4.26 Stainless 7rd

Item # RGR-6702

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Ruger SR1911 Commander Pistol 45 ACP 4.26" Stainless 7rd 6702. The Ruger SR1911 os a clasically styled pistol designed with all of the modern manufacturing advances that you have come to expect from Ruger.

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Marty Rittenhouse from Shawnee, KS
This is an excellent pistol, in every way. Quality, fit, and finish are flawless. I am proud to own one. The SR1911 is easily the equal of many far more expensive guns.
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Wesley from Manheim, PA
Top Shelf Pistol
This is an incredible product that Ruger has done an excellent job putting together. I also have to thank Kentucky Gun Company for having this pistol available as it is a very hard pistol to find right now. The Ruger SR1911 CMD is a well built pistol made right here in the USA of high quality stainless steel for the frame, barrel and slide. The fitting is very good, with little to no play and very nice grips. I love all the bells and whistles like the dovetailed novak front and rear sights and the beavertail grip safety. The only gripe I have is the blued parts, I prefer having an all stainless gun so after some work in the basement she is an all stainless pistol. This is a top of the line pistol which is fun and reliable to shoot, Ive shot over 100 rounds so far without a malfunction. This is definitely a strong competitor to any Colt and will be a mainstay in my collection. Thanks Ruger and Kentucky Gun Company, You made my day!
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Joshua from Warrior, Alabama
100% Satisfied
If you dont own this gun you need to get one while they last. The only thing I could find wrong with the pistol was a little play in the trigger. I cant imagine getting a better pistol under $1500 bucks. Thanks KY GUN CO!
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Bryan from Dubuque, Iowa
USA Made Badass
Ruger did it for me again. This USA manufactured 1911 Commander model is top of the line. It has all the functionality and beauty of pistols $500 more in price. It comes with 3.5 lb trigger pull, skeletonized trigger and hammer, sights, positive grip safety, etc... Just the trigger work for the 3.5 lb pull and upgraded sights would cost near that $500 difference on a standard manufacturers 1911 like Colt. Ruger...Buy it, Shoot it, Love it.
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Bryan from Dubuque, Iowa
It took almost a month to get this beauty by Ruger. Took it to the range with the worst steel-cased ammo I could buy, threw a little lube in the bore, and chewed right through 100 rounds with no problem. Shot a tight grouping at 25 feet even with my right handed, left eye dominant self. My only gripe is that it shipped with two 7 round mags when the documentation in the box says it should ship with one 8 and one 7 round. No biggie though as everything else was there and shiny. Quite happy!
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TY from Huntington, WV
Ruger Cmd
First off i have waited for this gun for over a year because of money and it was very hard to find, so one day i found Ky gun company, bought it and i could not ask for a better looking well made 1911, do not hesitate to buy this gun. Ive owned several rugers the p90 stainless was my favorite until now, i got the cmd for carrying purposes has the shorter barrell.
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