Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport 5.56mm NATO 30 Round
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Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport 5.56mm NATO 30 Round

Item # SMT-811036

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  • 16" Barrel with 1 in 9" Twist
  • 30 Round PMAGĀ® Magazine
  • Adjustable Front and Rear Sights
  • 6-Position Telescopic Butt Stock
  • Chrome-lined Gas Key and Bolt Carrier

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    Joe Mosley from Independence, Kentucky
    Nice little AR
    I bought mine before everyone started going crazy with the prices. I love this rifle. I have added the Magpul parts and saved a ton. Sure it doesnt have a dust cover or bolt assist. I really dont need them.
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    Pierre from Surprise, Arizona
    Amazing AR15
    This is one amazing rifle. After 40 rounds I had it sighted in perfectly and shot 200/200 with open sights at 25 yards, then I shot 194/200 at 50 yards with open sights... will have to work on that one a little longer. Sweet shooter, no hang ups and very easy to handle. By far the best AR15 I ever shot, but then one should not be surprised: it is a Smith & Wesson after all.
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    Thomas from Kansas City, Kansas
    Amazing Rifle for the Money
    I saw this rifle reviewed in a nutnfancy video which originally sold me on it. Since purchasing mine Ive put over 1500 rounds through it and its functioned flawlessly. Incredible value.
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    Chris from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Excellent Gun!
    I got my S&W Sport a couple of months ago and have taken it to the range about 6 times. Ive shot about 400 rounds through it incl. some Wolf Polyformance steel cased ammo and it has functioned flawlessly: no jams, no FTEs ... nothing! I keep my Sport pretty well lubed. I luv this rifle. It has been accurate and dependable, with little recoil. The only regret I have is that I bought it at a local gun store where I paid $100+ more than I could have gotten it here at Kentucky Gun Co. This is my first AR and I am luving it!
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    James from Sanford, Florida
    Great AR 15
    Bought this rifle on sale from KY Gun Co for $599. Lowest price anywhere. KY Gun Co. was quick shipping to my local FFL. Picked up the gun on Friday, cleaned it and ran 180 rounds thru it on Saturday at the range. Iron sights were dead on from the factory, and did not have any FTE/FTFs. Great for the range, self or home defense. Doesnt have a dust cover or forward assist but if I ever find myself in need of an AR with a dust cover, Ill have much bigger problems than that. This is an awesome entry level AR. Another great gun from S&W!!!
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    andrew from elizabethtown, ky
    great gun
    this gun shoots great.
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    Karl from Plainview, TX
    After several hours of research, I decided to purchase this rifle. I am sure glad that I did! It worked flawlessly right out of the box! It doesnt have a lot of bells and whistles, but it doesnt cost like it either. I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ANOTHER ONE. No castles with ordering. I received it about a week after placing the order. Thanks
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    WS from North, Dakota
    Great Rifle!
    I was hesitant to mail hundreds of dollars to KYGUNCO, but Im glad I did! I mailed my money order the same day I ordered the rifle, and had it in my hands at my FFL less than two weeks later. The M&P 15 Sport is awesome. Ive fired several hundred rounds most of it cheap steel cased Herters through it with no issues. The lack of a dust cover and forward assist are of no concern to me. None of my other semi-auto firearms have them, why should this It eats steel cased ammunition flawlessly, while my police officer friends much more expensive ARs choke on almost every round of cheap steel ammo. I wanted an affordable AR that would shoot ANY .223 or 5.56 ammunition I could find and do it reliably. I found it in the M&P 15 Sport. Its a Smith & Wesson so you can count on a quality firearm, and reliable customer service in the event of a hiccup. The P-Mags for it are very inexpensive, plentiful and reliable. If thats not enough, its MADE IN USA!!! Just buy it already, you can thank me later.
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    Jeffery from Monroe, Michigan
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    Kyle from Napoleon, Ohio
    Amazing AR
    First off, let me just say that this is a high quality weapon S&W is a great company too and they stand behind their products so it is no surprise. The fit and finish, along with the performance exceeded my expectations for the price. Out of the box it needed sight adjustment I believe 7 clicks up and 1 click left. After it was sighted in I was shooting sub 1 inch groups at 30 yards from a sitting position, shooting off of the knee. I put over 100+ rounds of mixed cheap brass ammo through it without one problem. I was a little concerned before shooting this rifle reading forums about how the previous 1/8 R5 barrel was supposed to be superior to the 1/9 SAMMI barrel that comes with it now. Needless to say, I am no longer concerned about it. Also, for those of you worried about the melonite lined barrel instead of the common chrome lining, do some research and youll find out melonite lining is superior to chrome lined barrels. I am amazed by this AR and am very happy I bought it.
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    Dave from Lincoln, Delaware
    Absolutely great rifle at a great price.
    Picked this rifle up at my LGS. Great rifle, simple, and a great price. Have heard this called an entry level rifle, but IMHO, dont consider it one. Everything is top notch and heads above other manufacturers so-called entry level rifles.
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    Chris from St. Paul MN, Minnesota
    No issues here
    I bought the gun on Thursday, and eighth days later it was at my FFL ready for pickup. The gun looks great and shoots like a gem. The rifle is a sport model but it sure shoots like a premium rifle. If You dont have a need for a FA and dont feel like spending lots of cash, then this is your rifle. You cant beat the price! KY gun co is a great place to do business with, will buy from them again.
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    Ed from Warren, Michigan
    Great rifle for the price.
    Cant go wrong with this one. Nice solid rifle and for the price you cant beat it. Has some features that are not really needed if you are using it for home defense and they wont be missed. Perfect for entry level into the AR rifles.
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    Vince from Warrenton, Virginia
    Dad toy
    I had been looking for a good , reliable , gun with the most bang for the buck . This gun is perfect, fresh out of the box with the steel sights drilling the paper center at 50 yards . I put a scope on it & now hitting at 100 yard , grouping the size of a 3 circle . No jams , no miss fires . Best price from Kentucky Gun On the net ! Very happy with my purchase
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