Springfield XDs 45 ACP Pistol 5 Round 3.3
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Springfield XDs 45 ACP Pistol 5 Round 3.3" Black

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The XD-S™ is the newest addition to the XD® line of ergonomically superior pistols. The XD-S™model features a slim, single stack frame though it still has the firepower of a .45 caliber. This slim design makes it perfect for those looking for a concealed carry pistol.

Like the whole XD® line of pistols, the XD-S™ offers an ergonomic design that makes it easier to point and shoot. The design offers a single-position Picatinny rail, making this one of the only pistols of its size that can be accessorized with lights and lasers. The low profile sight also makes this firearm more holster-friendly.

The XD-S™ has many of the safety features found in other XD® models, such as ultra safety assurance trigger system™, loaded chamber indicator and grip safety. The XD-S™ also has an enhanced secure grip texture. At only 1” wide, the XD-S™ features a low profile rear and fiber optic front sight, enabling easier and faster target acquisition.

A single-position Picatinny rail readily accepts lights, lasers or other pistol accessories. It is one of the only polymer pistols of this size that has this feature, which makes it an easy reach for the light or laser of your choice.

Combined, all of these design features come together to create a superior slim pistol. Though you can find slim designs in other guns, the XD-S™ provides the power of a .45 in a comparatively small package. The comfortable and Ergonomic Point and Shoot design also allows you to shoot naturally at eye level without adjusting your wrist to line up the sights. This striker fired pistol was designed to be an extension of your body, which naturally helps you shoot your best.

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Will from Pikeville, NC
Pefect CC
I have just purchased this gun. I have shot it before using a friends and Ill say Springfield makes a solid, reliable firearm. This takes the cake for concealment. Its single stack made it awkward at first for me but I quickly readjusted to it. Its comfortable to sit down with and move around without being bulky. I also own a XD .40 with the same satisfaction. Overall, I am impressed with gun and will use it for CC.
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Jim from Granite Falls, NC
Great Pistol
Bought this pistol a couple months ago at KGC and could not have happier about the cheap price I paid, service and delivery and the fast transaction. Sorry to see that the price has been jacked up so much though.
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Dustin from Russell Springs, Kentucky
I bought mine last year before the gun and ammo pandemic and I LOVE MINE! I use this for a back up weapon on duty and carry it around the house, yes…around the house, most officers do. Very accurate little pistol.
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Mark from Newburgh, Indiana
Love This Gun
This is the second Springfield XD Ive purchased. Couldnt be happier. This gun is almost perfect. Highly recommend
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Andrew from Pleasant View, TN
Solid Hardware
This is overall a nice gun with nice features at a reasonable price. As far as plastic wonderguns go, springfields are my favorite. They feel nice in the hand, operate smoothly, and are reliable. I love the slim profile of this gun, and dont find it particularly snappy when shooting. Its a great conceal carry gun, packing a huge wallop in a small footprint.
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Brian from Louisville, United States
Going from a Glock19 to this is amazing. Second Handgun ever bought new and Im in love with this. Feels good in the hand and is a beast when shot.
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BP from Miami, FL
Perfect CC gun
Superb pistol! Highly reliable and extremely accurate. I was very pleased at how it had such a manageable recoil.
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Rafael b from Andrews, Texas
This gun rocks
Awesome gun comes with two 5 round mags but thats all you need
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Wayne from Manhattan, KS
Very Pleased
I am very pleased with the purchase of this gun. Not a single issue through over 700 rounds of varying ammo. I love the size, weight, and reliability of this weapon. I recommend it to everyone I see thats looking for a .45 to carry concealed.
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Artie from Jacksonville, Arkansas
I was wrong about this pistol
When I first saw this gun on youtube and reviewers was saying that the recoil was mild...I was like Yeah Right. I once had a Colt Defender 45acp and it was hard to shoot more than 50 round so I just knew that this little gun would be a beast. KYgunco had it on sale so I tried it. When I first a mag of hollow points...I was like...Is that it. The videos on youtube was right. The recoil to me was wonderful compared to the Colt Defender or something like the Kahr PM40 or the Springfield subcompact XD40. I have 500rds through it now and its been flawless. The recoil still might be too much for some but its no where near the recoil of a subcompact 40cal. Try one...youll like it.
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Gary from Fairmont, MN
Poor safety and service from Springfield
This is a very nice gun to carry, but Springfield should not have been seeling it so soon without know the safety issues. Now I have sent it back for the recall and have no idea when I will have it back. KYGUNCO did an awesome job getting it to me quickly though. I am not happy with Springfields response to the safety concerns and treatment of customers. I wont be buying from Springfield again.
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David from Robinson, IL
Excellent handgun. Springfield once again does not disappoint. Very accurate out of the box. The XDS 45ACP is an excellent choice for concealed carry.
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charlie from homosassa, florida
Dont be fooled..!!
I purchased an XDs 45 cal. 3.3 brand new. I went to the range, and with several VERY credible witnesses, this same weapon failed to fire time after time. We checked every variable you could imagine. The ammo, the grip, lubrication etc. Shortly after this first time using my new XDs, I found out about the recall, and of course had it sent to the factory and the recall was taken care of, and at the same time I informed them about the several misfires. They completed the work and sent it back to me. Their fix for the misfires was to adjust the extractor. I really hate to tell you all what I was thinking when I saw what they called a fix...with no after test. After getting the weapon back, I took it back the the range. This time it was worse. Guys and girls....you better test your XDs really good before you rely on it to save your life. I will say this...I would NEVER trust this weapon again. To date as of July 22 I wrote the factory and very calmly told them what the problem was and asked them what they were going to do about it to make the situation right. So far, as of July 24th 2014 I have not received any response. I am thinking VERY seriously about making a YouTube video at the range with the professionals to show that this weapon is NOT dependable. I wonder if they are not getting back to me because they know I am right. It is my opinion that they will not be able to fix it. Too bad, because I have an XDm 4.5 45 cal, and it has not failed me yet..!! I have nothing but good to say about it. Howwever, their XDs is a completely different story. Remember...test you weapon really good before trusting your life with it..!! Charlieeeeeeeee
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Lord Michael from Gilbert, AZ
Piece of Junk
I own a XD-45, a XD-9 and a XD-9sub compact all are great guns and fun to shoot. I recently bought a XD-45 ACP 3.3 at a local gun shop. I found a used one for a good price and when I came back a week later they had another used one both relatively new. This should have raised a red flag. I took it to an indoor range to try it out and it had a hell of a recoil, which I expected. The thing I didnt expect is the trigger pinched my finger constantly. The other thing this gun does constantly is jam. A couple of weeks later I took it out to the desert and gave it a second chance. This piece of Sh@ jammed constantly again. I dont know if I just got a lemon or if all the XD-45 3.3 are this bad. My only advice is you want to buy a .45 sub compact buy a Glock. Do not let your life depend on this piece of garbage.
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