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Includes :
One Magazines
Hard Case
Cable Lock
Bore Brush

Caliber 9mm
Sights 3-Dot
Magazine 13 + 1
    All verified reviews by owners

    XDs 9 review

    JIM - Clinton, WA
    " The gun is very accurate, easy to shoot. Great trigger, reliable good battle gun. I have over 1,000 rds thru the gun and not one hickcup. I have 5 mags for the gun. I am also a glock shooter and 1911. "

    Love this gun!

    BEN - Florence, KY
    " This a nice pistol, great capacity and perfect for CC. Very reliable, never one FTF or FTE. KY Gun Co is excellent, staff very friendly and helpful. Ive been looking at this for years and when it went on sale, I had to have it. A+ "

    A truly High End quality Pistol!

    " This is my first Springfield product and I am highly impressed. The craftsmanship is top notch and it fires smoothly and flawlessly. The price is unbelievable since it is so affordable and below $400. This is a off duty pistol and I am so glad I chose this over some other brands that I was looking at. Dont get me wrong, I still love my issue Glock, off duty Sigs, Glock, Beretta and such however, this is a very nice pistol and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for affordable high end quality, which will shoot and feel just as well as anything out there. By the way, Kentucky Gun company, your free shipping and tracking info was perfect and I will be doing more business with you in the future. "

    Reliable but a bit thick for CC

    TIMBO - Holland, MI
    " I have two SA XD9 SCs for IDPA. For me they are a little tough to carry as I dont like IWB, too cheap to buy new pants. It is a reliable gun though, only FTE once on my reloads where I went too light on powder. Surprisingly my wife really likes this gun. She has a problem pulling trigger on small revolvers, so I had her try an XD SC. She has just a little trouble pulling the slide back, whereas she has major trouble with my cz75s. Fits her hand well and she has no trouble shooting it - no whining about recoil or weight. I really like that there is no manual safety. There are grip and trigger safeties, you can form your own opinions of them, but they have not failed for me yet with about 1000 rds through one gun and 100 through the other. If you like this gun but are leery of the grip safety look at the SW M&P line, they have a 3 or 3.5 that is very similar to XD9 but has no grip safety. "

    Great Concealment Weapon

    KYLE - Napoleon, OH
    " I originally bought a 40 S&W XDm 3.8 for concealed carry. It is a great gun, however, it was too heavy fully loaded for my small frame and I did not care for the long handle when carrying it. I took advantage of the lower priced essential package and bought this which is about an inch shorter in the barrel and an inch shorter in the handle. It is perfect for me and I am very satisfied with its weight and size while carrying concealed. It shoots far better than I was expecting from a 3 inch barrel and am amazed at its accuracy, even from further than 7 yards. It shoots very smooth for a small 9mm and would recommend it for someone who is recoil shy. It may not be the newest Springfield Armory pistol on the market but it has a great reputation and it is everything you could ask for in a concealed carry weapon. I have shot some of the cheapest steel case ammunition through it without issue it seems like it could shoot anything you want to put in it. You can trust your life to this little firearm and that is the highest complement you can get! "

    Great for CCW

    ERIC - Laurel, MD
    " I recently purchased this as my first carry gun, and got to practice with it this week. Its a joy to shoot, conceals well, and I was nearly as accurate with it at 25 yards as I am with my full sized Beretta 92! "

    Extremely happy

    " This is my first XD. Have shot the XDm numerous times before. Save your money. Dont bother with them. This subcompact is now my primary concealed carry. Very accurate and very little recoil for a 3 barrel. Build with quality like all the XDs Ive experienced. No fails or malfunction with cheap range rounds. I would bet my life on this gun. This is also my first firearm purchased online and Kygunco was flawless. Gave me a good deal and these guys have good customer service. 5 Stars to the Xd Subcompact 9mm and 5 Stars to Kygunco. Thanks "


    GARY - Colorado Springs, CO
    " Serious quality, excellent accuracy. A real lifetime weapon "

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