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SR1911 45 ACP 4" Stainless

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22 Reviews
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  • Product Code:RGR-6700
  • Brand:RUGER®

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With Ruger being a very traditional firearms company, Ruger has introduced a brand new 1911 style handgun, known as their SR1911. The Ruger SR1911 features a standard 1911 full size frame, stainless slide, skeletonized trigger and hammer, high ride beavertail, single-sided high ride safety, and cocobolo grips with Ruger's logo. This gun comes with two magazines that are both 7 and 8 rounds.
Caliber 45 ACP
Barrel 4"
Finish Stainless
Sights Windage Adjustable Novak 3 Dot
Magazine 8+1
    All verified reviews by owners

    Love this 1911

    TOM - Raeford, N.C
    " Purchased this hand gun about three months ago from a local dealer where I live who had it on sale because everyone lately has become 40 cal crazy. He wanted to move this 1911 45 and I wanted one so I got a good deal. I have since put over a thousand rounds thru it with NO malfunction. seventy to seventy-five of those rounds are re-loads from a near by dealer. Highly recommend this hand gun.Very reliable and accurate. "

    A Fantastic Buy

    JUSTIN - Taylorsville, KY
    " Purchased straight off the shelf fresh at KY GUN CO. And Im speechless. Great Looks, Great Accuracy, Not one FTE, or FTF. The only kink I had with mine, was that the factory set point for the trigger was too loose and the trigger actually managed to hang up. Problem resolved by simply tightening the set screw. Now the trigger is slick and smooth. I also noticed that upon first opening and inspection, the pistol was rather dry which surprised me Ive bought other Rugers in the past and they were all well lubricated. Definitely be sure to check and oil this baby up before first firing it. Overall Very Rugged pistol, recoil spring is on the stiff side but I do only have 100 rounds through it, so its still being worked in. Extremely happy with my purchase, Thanks KYGUN! "

    Oustanding 1911

    " Very well made. Excellent trigger. Shoots anything you run through it. Ruger quality. Great price for this much gun. Love it. "

    Great Gun

    JOEY - Nicholasville, KY
    " Picked this 1911 up on 4th of July weekend and put 100 rounds of 230 grain thru it this past Saturday with no problems whatsoever. Very nice! Extremely happy with this purchase! "

    Great gun

    STEVE - North Tonawanda, NEW YORK
    " I bought this gun because it had a great price point and the Ruger name. Man am I impressed with this gun. The features on it are great and it was pretty accurate right out of the box. Just put 100 rounds through and no FTF or jams at all. I highly recommend this gun to anyone who wants a quality 1911 but doesnt have the budget for a more expensive firearm. "

    Excellent 1911

    JOHN - Charleston, SC
    " Took my new SR1911 to the range today and put over 100 rounds through this fine Ruger! It was accurate and functioned 100, no failures what so ever. Four of us fired it and we were all in agreement...this is one great gun. This is my favorite by far. I have shot other 1911s, Kimber, Colt etc and am not at all disappointed comparing this to higher priced guns. KyGun transaction was flawless, price was best I could find. Worth every penny. "

    Dream piece

    ED - Rock Hill, SC
    " I wanted one from when it first came out and was reviewed in American Rifleman. It was quite a while before I actually got to see and handle one because they were in such short supply - and then I didnt want to pay $800. This summer, I finally scored one - at $680. It is beautiful out of the box, perfect fit and finish, and when I got to the range I was floored. Out of the box, with only a light oiling, it was shooting better than my out-of-practise ability. Even mixing in some cheap TulAmmo, and first time firing 300 rounds, I didnt have a single FTF or FTE. I have 5 1911s including a Kimber, and this is the best. "

    In Heaven With My 1911

    DAVID - Homosassa, FLORIDA
    " I have owned the Full Size 6700 for just over a year now. This gun is accurate and follow up shots come quickly. The Ruger SR1911 has a great push for recoil rather than the annoying muzzle flip of lighter guns. The trigger is the key to your great shots. Trigger pull ships at about 4 1/2 lbs. I would guess that after the 1,000 rounds I have through the gun the trigger pull is slightly less. Besides being beautiful this gun is a work horse. I use mine as an Everyday carry weapon. Carry what you shoot best and this is it. Thanks to Ruger my son will enjoy this weapon long after Im gone. "

    Absolutely Beautiful Firearm

    JEFF - Hudson Valley, NEW YORK
    " First of all...I dont see how someone that doesnt own this gun can review it. So disregard the 2 star rating. This gun is beautiful and functions flawlessly. Slide is very tight and with all the extras on this firearm you cant go wrong. I can see how owners of other higher priced 1911s could be a little jealous. Price point is way lower than this firearm could actually go for. A real winner! "

    Ruger SR1911 is amazing!

    MATT - Frederick, MD
    " This is a FANTASTIC 1911, just a great pistol in general, especially at this price. If youre considering one, dont hesitate in buying it now because they sell out QUICKLY. "

    Fantastic Firearm

    MATT - Mesa, AZ
    " I have always been a big fan of Ruger firearms, but the SR1911 takes the cake. It is a beautiful weapon. The fit and finish is spot on, and like most Rugers, it goes bang everytime. Love all of the upgrades to the trigger, the hammer, and the sights. Its just too bad that they are so hard to come by anymore. If you happen to see one in-stock, jump on it. You wont regret it. "

    New challenger for the 1911 crown

    STEVEN - Layton, UTAH
    " Ive had my SR1911 for about three months now and have put about 400 rds through it. No hiccups what so ever. And the groups are TIGHT. This gun chews the hearts out of every target I put up. The only negative thing that has happened is the front sight broke off as I was shooting during one of my visits to a local range. Contacted Ruger and was promptly sent a replacement front sight rather then sending the gun back for repair. Local gunsmith nicked me for $20 to mount it didnt want to take the chance of marring the finish by pounding it out on my own. Aside from that, its a great gun and ranks beside my Sig Scorpion and my Colt 70 Series, except it cost far less. "

    Nice Gun

    MARK - Fairdale, KY
    " I got my SR1911 today from KYGUNCO. I bought it in the store and walked out with the pistol less than 25 minutes after I arrived. Great service, great selection. I would definitely go back to KYGUNCO. I firing the gun I am very impressed with the accuracy and feel of the gun. Its hard to beat a Ruger for reliability or value. They also stand behind what they make. After shooting the SR1911, it may just have to replace my old Security Six .357 for home defense. Never thought Id say that! "

    Ruger SR1911 45 ACP 8rd 5

    DEAN - Taylorsville, KY
    " Recent purchase from KY Gun Company, great pistol "

    Ruger SR1911

    ERIC - Leesburg, GA
    " Great shooting weapon Ruger has hit the mark. I enjoy shooting mine and so far it has performed as advertised. "

    great gun

    GREGG - kingsland, TEXAS
    " i am the envy of m hunting buds with my new ruger sr 1911.this is a great pistol.it has flawless construction and shoots great.i could not be more satisfied.thank you gw. "

    A Reliable Good quality 1911

    " I have 3 1911s, the Ruger is one of my favorites & I shoot it often, never had a FTF or FTE, even during the breakin period. Ive always liked Ruger products, & this is a homerun in my book. Rugers customer service is excellent, you will never have issues with their service. The pistol is accurate, reliable, & a darn good lookin pistol for the price, youd be hard pressed to find these features, at this price from any other US gun manufacturer. Oh, SAs are made in Brazil......Rugers are made in the United States. "

    Outstanding value, firearm; Ruger did it again!

    RYAN - Jacksonville, FLORIDA
    " Ruger hit a bulls-eye with this handgun. Was debating whether or not to purchase the sR1911 for a couple months, but once I decided to "pull the trigger" on this beauty, my only regret is not doing it sooner. The trigger is smooth and crisp. The sights are very easy to pick up. The takedown / cleaning is very simple being that it is a Series 70. Comes with a 7 and 8 round clip. 1000+ rounds through it and not one hiccup. If you find this firearm in stock, buy it, you will not regret it! I paid 769, but would have easily paid much more for this quality firearm. "

    My fav handgun

    TREVOR - Juneau, ALASKA
    " I ordered one of these from a local gun dealer at the end of september and recieved the weapon the first week of december. It was a long wait, but this gun is worth the wait. Its beautiful to look at and a dream to shoot. Took mine out the day after I picked it up and put 200 Blazer brass rounds through it. didnt have any issues with the gun at all. The only problem i had was not having enough ammo to stay at the range all day. The gun is extreamly easy to take down and clean. I own several handguns. Taurus pt92, Kel-tec p11, S&W Model 19-4, along with other ruger revolvers. I can say without a second thought that the Ruger SR 1911 is the most comfortable, and enjoyable to shoot. If I had the money and there were more avaliable i would buy a second for my lady to play with. I would reccommend this gun to anyone and everyone intrested in a fun gun or a solid 1911. "

    Trust Me I OWN ONE!

    JOHN - Bowling Green, KY
    " OK, I have now put over 1000 rounds of various factory ammo through my SR1911 and am still loving it. This gun feeds well with all three brands of magazines Ive used. It comes with two top notch Ruger mags. I fail to understand how someone post negatives about this excellent firearm without even handling or shooting one. Again, KY Gun Companys service was five-star as well. Maybe the negative guy should also have looked at the price. "

    SR1911 a disappointment

    NICK - Longwood, FL
    " Looking for something good to say about the SR1911... It is a 1911, that is good. The grips look nice. Cast frame, rough machine marks all over the place, no ambi safety go home lefties, low availbility, high price, strange looking mixture of blue and stainless parts, kind of a hodge podge patchwork of various blue and stainless parts. The SR1911 is a 450 gun that sells for 750 to 800 when you can find one. You could do alot better for the same 750-800. Was initially tempted to buy one, but after seeing one at my local gun shop, I decided that the SR1911 was not for me, at least at the 750 + tax + FFL fees + background check fees. "

    Worth the wait...

    JOHN - Bowling Green, KY
    " The SR1911 isnt the old stereotypical clunky, heavy, Ruger. It is a well balanced beautiful piece of weaponry. I picked mine up a couple of weeks ago and have put somewhere in the area of 500 rounds through it. The gun has fed every 230 gr round so far. This includes Federal, RWS, and Aguilla 230 gr ball and Hornady 230 gr. TAP. Only a couple of hiccups on the first two rounds uncleaned out of box but nothing but smooth shooting since. It was shooting left but a slight tap of the rear Novak site fixed that. The fit and finish of this gun is really remarkable and the price at KY Gun Co. was great, especially since they actually had the gun in stock. Buy this gun without hesitation. You wont be sorry. "

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