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C-9 9mm 3.5" Black 8rd

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16 Reviews
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  • Product Code:HPN-916
  • Brand:HI-POINT

Cash / Text-A-Check Price : $158.99

Retail Price: $163.76

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Hi-Point® C-9 9mm Semi-automatic Pistol. The affordable choice for quality and reliability.

Can a gun this affordable be any good? The answer is a resounding YES! For starters, The Hi-Point C-9 is well made and has a nice feel. Performance trials reveal amazing reliability, minimal muzzle flip and less felt recoil, all of which result in excellent inherent accuracy, right out of the box.

Bells and whistles? You won't find them here. What you will find, however, is a very solid handgun, with dependable performance and satisfying results that are pleasantly surprising at this price range.

Hi-Point C-9 special features:

  • 100% American parts and assembly
  • On / off thumb safety
  • Magazine disconnect safety
  • Last round lock open
  • +P rated
  • Hi-Point lifetime unconditional warranty
  • Includes 8-round magazine, trigger lock and extra rear peep sight
  • Made in the USA

Pistol specifications:

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Action: DAO
  • Capacity: 8
  • Barrel length: 3.50"
  • Frame: Black polymer
  • Finish: Black powder coat
  • Grips: Textured polymer
  • Sights: 3-dot, fully adjustable
  • Overall length: 6.75"
  • Overall weight: 29 ozs.
Caliber 9mm
Capacity 8rd
Barrel 3.5"
Safety Magazine Disconnect Safety <br> Quick On/Off Thumb Safety
Sights 3-Dots, Fully Adjustable Rear Sight
Magazine 8+1
    All verified reviews by owners

    Great Buy

    " I've had good experiences with Hi-Point so I bought for a present for my father. He liked and as always my experience with Kygunco was quick an easy with no hassles arrived quickly at my FFL.. Thanks Kygunco.. Definitely buying again "

    yeet cannon !!!!

    TONY VEITIA - Brandon, FL
    " bought because i could - didn't feed well when i first shot it - googled issue, polished feed ramp as suggest and it shoots fine now - heavy as hell but great for a toolbox gun. i figure if i miss you 7 times i can just beat you to submission with it "

    My first Hi Point

    " At the sale price and lifetime warranty couldn't resist. Yes it's inexpensive and a little heavy BUT I like heavy handguns and this C9 has a nice feel to it for MY needs and very visible sights. It will be my "travel/vehicle" gun as it should be legal in all states even with the extra 10rd mags I purchased.. Went with the C9 for the 9mm ammo as 380 is too expensive now. A couple little tweak's, I bought the extension for the safety/slide lock lever, as the lever without it was chewing up my thumb and the replacement screw for the take down pin so no need to punch out the pin to remove the slide, just unscrew it. Should have also bought the 9mm Carbine BEFORE the price increase and lack of availability. "


    STEVE CAGLE - Calhoun, GA
    " Fast and Dependable and will order again "

    Great Gun

    JOHN KLEMPNER - Rossford, OH
    " Nice gun for the money. Yes , a little bulky but easy to look over when you compare costs of like guns. Value here is off the charts . Plus , if your like me the main intent is self defense and it does the trick . "

    HiPoint 9

    TIMOTHY - Corpus Christi, TX
    " Big, ugly and heavy but it gets the job done. Good shootin piece of iron for the price. I am considering buying another HiPoint.13 "

    i need more

    ANDREW - Louisville, KY
    " Neglect anything the haters of this gun have to say. Pro: first postitive about this gun is the value, an American made 9mm for under 150! Thats unheard of... Second is the lifetime warranty, which im sure ill never have to make use of since ive already 5,000+ cheap bullets through the thing with minimal FTEs and it still shoots decent groups. Now it also has some standard features such as last round lock open not as nice as Rugers pop up pin but standard and an adjustable sight. Also I have fed a little +P ammo through it and it cycled through flawlessly. Cons: People wont walk up to you and say man what a beautiful gun, but its beauty is shown in other ways. it is a wee bit top heavy but thats alright. "

    Eats everything but LAWMAN

    WES - Mt. Eden, KY
    " I bought this thing with some skeptism as my first semi-auto pistol, but found it easy to use once sighted in. It doesnt like Speere Lawman for some reason but has shot everything else with no problem. Im rather inexperienced with shooting 9mm but was able to put all ten rounds in the kill Zone without any practice really. Definitely get the 10 round mags, the eight rounds are good but the extra little bit is nice. "

    reliable and rugged

    ALLEN - melbourne, FL
    " i just bought mine and its performed flawless yeah the cosmetics aint pretty butpretty dont save you in a gun fight i would trust my life on this gun accurate and hardy "


    CASEY - Houston , TEXAS

    Dont believe the hype

    JOHN - Stafford, VA.
    " I have owned and shot over 3k rounds through my hi-point C-9. I found it was finicky about ammo and now I keep it on a steady diet of Winchester White box 147gr.You cannot beat the value of this firearm. Most people who have put down the Hipoint have never held one much less shot one. They are going by internet hysteria. Give one of these a try and you will not be sorry from an actual owner of one. "

    good weapon

    ROBERT - Sandyville, W.V.
    " shoots great very accurate "

    Best cheap gun on the market

    DOUG FROM E-TOWN KY - e-town, KY
    " I have owned several of these guns. Everyone that says bad things about these guns always starts their stories with, My brother or friend or uncle, etc. etc. had one and it was junk. They have never owned one themselves. Im sure some bad ones have got out, just like some bad smiths, kel-tecs, and kimbers got out. But if there is a problem they will fix it. For the life of the gun, not you or the original buyer. One simple question to ask. Is this a gun I would bet my life on YES. "

    Misunderstood pistol

    TIM - Lima, OHIO
    " Im very happy with my C-9. I know its not a sexy little beauty like some people seem to think is important. But, what it lacks in style it makes up for in rugged form and deadly accuracy. My gun came with a slight flaw in the mag, that took a whole 30 sec. and a pair of pliers to fix. After that all is well. Oh and did you notice its under $200 and has an unbeatable LIFETIME warranty. Thats for the gun not the user. If its broke they fix it not questions asked. I dont see Glock standing behind their product that way. "

    Simple yet flawless design

    ROY - Alexandria, KY
    " I have owned my Hi-Point 9mm for about 4 months and have fired over 1000 rounds with maybe 5-8 FTEs. Some of those I attribute to limp wristing so overall, its as dependable as any 9mm out there. While people think the break down is difficult because you have to punch the take down pin out, it really isnt that hard. These guns are as durable as they get and the life time warranty is testimony to that. I only gave it an overal rating of 4 simple because, yes, it is not an exceptionally good looking gun. But, once you get past that, it is the best value out there. You can buy several of these and place them strategically throughout your home for a lot less than buying more expensive guns that you dont necessarily use that often. These are a working mans gun, not for the snobish/arrogant types. Just ignore those people anyway. These are great weapons. "

    So much for so little

    MIKE - bardstown, KY
    " Great gun for the price ! shoots as well as my S&W for 200.00 less. Every gun magazine I read said the same thing so I bougt it as my throw around gun, etc. and it has been flawless. Very pleased..never jammed, misfired, or failed in any way. "

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